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"That is what we are supposed to do when we are at our best

- make it all up -

but make it up so truly that later it will happen that way."

- Ernest Hemingway


This is Hal Boggess's personal collection of classic late 1800's to the mid 1940's hunting and gaming, gun and gunpowder advertisments and antique collectibles in the form of vintage posters; calendars; catalogues; brochures; pamphlets; wooden shell boxes; wooden crates; pinback buttons; envelopes (or covers); medals and trophies; oil cans; sample shell box kits; and 2 piece shell box inserts.

The hunting and gaming, gun and gunpowder companies include: austin Powder Company, Ballastite Powder, Dupont Powder, Colt, Peters Cartridge Co., Winchester Repeating Arms Co., Western Cartridge Co., Robin Hood Powder Co., Laflin and Rand Powder Co., Daisy Air Rifle Co., Atlas Powder Co., US Cartridge Co., UMC, Remington- UMC, Parker Gun Co., Miami Powder Co, L.C. Smith Gun Co., Hunter Arms Co., Iver Johnson, J. S. Stevens Arms and Tool Co., Bristol Fishing Rod Co., Horton Manufacturing Co., Marbles Arms and Specialties, Selby Smelting Co., Savage Arms Co., Red Devil Shell Co., Counter Felts, Marlin Firearms Co., and Henry Rifle Co.

The artists include, but not limited to: Philip R Goodwin, Lynn Bogue Hunt, Gustavas Arnolt, N. C. Wyeth, Frank Stick, A.B. Frost, Edmund Osthaus, and Homer Pyle.

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